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Water Collection Services

In many circumstances, it is very important for you as a CEO, business owner or home owner to monitor the quality of water you are using. Very often this effort is to be in compliance with government or corporate regulations.

Atlantic Water Treatment Technologies, presently has a list of clients who rely on us to collect and deliver water samples for analysis of general or specific content.

As part of the procedure, we also store and archive this information for the benefit of our clients who may need this for future use or even to satisfy an audit. Confidentiality in conducting business between ourselves and our clients is always observed.

The laboratory facilities we access are certified, therefore the data will undoubtedly stand up to scrutiny.

Because we are a water treatment business, we are able to advise our customers on any concerns which they may have regarding their water quality. If we act on behalf of a 3rd. party, we will not discuss with their clients aspect which may or may not be appropriate and will normally comply with the wishes of our client.

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