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Water Conditioner

A Quality Water System installed where the water enters the home removes all those undesirable minerals before they have a chance to cause problems. The system is designed to do the job with great efficiency – year after year.

  • “Smart technology” – electronic controller can learn usage pattern for increased efficiency
  • System is very easy to program and operation is a breeze
  • Valve design is industry proven and built tough for extended service
  • Safe 12-volt operation

Drinking Water Systems

Many substances in nature may be undesirable in your drinking water. Whatever your home’s water source – municipal water or well water – you can enjoy the benefits of a drinking water system. Installing a drinking water system will provide your family with high quality water right at your tap. Reverse osmosis and filtration systems provide the best technology to remove contaminants – all at less cost and far less hassle than buying bottled water.

  • Continuous flow – no storage tank necessary
  • Operates on water pressure only – no electricity required for most applications
  • Compact design – fits easily under sink
  • Attractive, high-flow faucet

The Consequences of Hard Water in the Home:

  • Pipes become clogged with scale, reducing water flow
  • Water heaters scaled with mineral deposits require significantly more energy to heat your water
  • Rust stains on sinks
  • Faucets crusted with hard-to-remove deposits
  • Towels and clothes are dingy and rough
  • glassware and dishes marred by spots and cloudiness
  • Increased expenses for detergent and other cleaning products
  • More time and effort devoted to cleaning

Enjoy the Advantages of Conditioned Water:

  • Extend the life of your water heater, fixtures, dishwashers, and laundry equipment by years
  • Cut spending on detergents and other cleaning supplies – by as much as half
  • Increased water heater efficiency
  • Clothes are cleaner, softer, and last longer
  • Dishes and glassware will sparkle
  • Eliminate the hassle and expense of bottled water
  • Clean, healthier drinking water
  • Better flavour in coffee, soups, and ice cubes
  • Great lather with less soap and shampoo
  • Everything – hair, towels, fruit – rinses cleaner
  • Improved water flow through cleaner pipes

Looking after the environment can also save you money

What you can do!

Take advantage of modern Hard Water Treatment Technology today:

By keeping heat transfer surfaces lime scale free you can save up to 40% of energy used to heat up water in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Water treatment technology is making a significant contribution to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

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