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Atlantic Water Treatment Technologies (AWTT) has the most reliable and durable residential valve available. The Performa 740/255 valve features a rugged, robust, re engineered design that uses less water, runs quieter and lasts longer than ever! The 740/255 valve also features the unique valve disc technology. This allows the control valve to work independent of water pressure and makes the 355 valve self cleaning!

The 740/255 valve also features a standard 5 year warranty for parts and labor. The AWTT 740/255 valve comes with a number of different controller options. For a dependable mechanical timer controller, try the economical AWTT 440i control or the professional series 940 timer control. For demand based convenience, try the AWTT 460i control or the professional series 960 timer control. For maximum efficiency, the unique Autotrol Sentinel? 415 sensor based control actually senses the state of the resin bed and regenerates only the exhaust portion.

The AWTT 740/255 valve is constantly upgraded to provide the most efficient technology at the most economic price available.

Atlantic Water Treatment now offers the rugged 256 bypass valve. The 256 bypass allows the control valve to be isolated from water flow, but still provide water to the home. This is helpful during the routine maintenance of the valve. Each 740/255 valve is available with the 256 bypass valve option. The AWTT 255 valve also is available with a number of different cover options, each suited for different applications.

All 740/255 valves come with a wide variety of plumbing connectors and tub adapters for world wide applications. AWTT plumbs with the latest materials Aquapex? the choice of new home builders.

The AWTT 1″ port is a convenient solution for high iron problems. Using a high velocity water stream, vigorously cleans resin beds through increased lifting and agitation.

During normal conditioning, raw water enters the system through an inlet at the top of the conditioning tank. As it seeps down through the conditioning bed, foreign particles and minerals are collected on the ion exchange sites of the resin, so that you can enjoy the quality and convenience of conditioned water. Units with ½” porting may fail in a short time because f the loss of a vigorous stream of water during backwash.

During the regeneration cycle, the 255 valve automatically regenerates media of the tank.

Fast, easy settings for even greater water savings. With just two simple settings, your 255 Valve with the 440 clock timer control can be programmed to automatically initiate the regeneration of your water conditioning system . . . and save water with each regeneration.

The redesigned valve uses substantially less water to regenerate the system. Larger, stronger injector and screen caps seat positively for efficient operation.

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